3 Important Steps to Follow When Booking A Tattoo

3 Important Steps to Follow When Booking A Tattoo

3 Important Steps to Follow When Booking A Tattoo (Advice by the Professionals)

At Hammersmith Tattoo we can recommend the following steps ahead of booking a tattoo, particularly if it is your first tattoo. This will make life easier for both you and your tattoo artist and will ensure you are happy with the final result:
Step 1: Know what you want

 Tattoo artists will offer a consultation before your appointment to talk through your ideas (this is usually free) – they will guide you through sizing, design ideas and the approximate cost. Before your consultation make sure you have a firm idea in mind of what you would like to get and have some reference photos at the ready. We can advise you to use Pinterest/ Instagram to take a look at some similar work beforehand, so your artist knows your taste and preferred style. It is also important to think about the size and placement of your tattoo.

 Step 2. Do the research

A tattoo is for life and it is extremely important to research the artist who will be doing your tattoo. Have you seen their previous work? Have you checked they do the style of tattoo you are hoping to get? Are they based in a respectable studio? These are all questions you should be asking ahead of your appointment.

 Step 3. Save up

 Before your appointment you will usually be given a price range for your tattoo. This may be outside of your ideal budget but we always suggest to save up to get the tattoo you want – it is always worth the wait! There are plenty of studios who charge less but in the tattoo industry, price almost always reflects quality. We are doing cover ups on a regular basis as many customers make the mistake of choosing price over quality.

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