Tattoo Assumptions – Our Response
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Tattoo Assumptions – Our Response

‘All tattoos are expensive’: False. At Hammersmith Tattoo we charge a £50 minimum for our tattoos in line with average London prices. This covers the cost of equipment to set up our station and do the tattoo, even if it is something small. Some shops and artists charge less but know that if the price is much lower than £50, it might be too good to be true. In the tattoo industry price is most often a reflection of quality. 

‘All tattoos are painful’: True. Unfortunately, all tattoos come with some level of pain. However, the level of pain involved with a small tattoo will be very manageable, even for the most squeamish of customers! Placement is also important if you are particularly worried about how much a tattoo will hurt – the arms and legs are the least painful areas of the body.  

‘People still judge tattoos negatively’: True. As tattoos have gained in popularity, the negative association towards tattoos has thankfully reduced significantly. However, there are still a small proportion of individuals who dislike tattoos and they can be pretty vocal about it! We believe a tattoo is personal to the customer and is a creative, amazing, and personal way to express yourself. 

‘Tattoo aftercare isn’t that important’: False. Tattoo aftercare is a deciding factor in how good your tattoo will look over time. If you follow your artist’s instructions your tattoo will stand the best chance of looking as good in years to come as it did on day one! 

‘Tattoos can fade over time’: True. This answer largely depends on the placement of the tattoo and how well you look after it. Finger, hand and face tattoos tend to fade a little due to these areas being the most exposed to sunlight, irritation and wear and tear. Tattoos with bolder lines tend to stand the test of time the best, if looked after well of course! 

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