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Do Tattoos Hurt?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Do Tattoos Hurt?Unfortunately the short answer to this is, yes tattoos do hurt.
Do Tattoos Hurt?

Do Tattoos Hurt? 

Unfortunately the short answer to this is, yes tattoos do hurt. However, everyone experiences pain in different ways; the level of pain can range from a scratching feeling to something a lot more intense. How much tattoos hurt depends on a huge range of factors. If you’re nervous about the pain of your first tattoo just keep reading as we have some useful information and tips for you! 

Generally, the level of pain varies on the following: 

  • Placement of the tattoo on your body 

  • Size and style of tattoo 

  • Your health 

  • How you prepare for your tattoo 

What does it feel like to get a tattoo? 

When getting tattooed you can expect to feel a scratching, stinging and dull sensation. The type of pain depends on what the artist is working on, longer sessions will be more painful as you sit for a longer period of time. If you are particularly nervous about the pain we would suggest getting a small tattoo to ease you in to the experience. 

We can also suggest to think carefully about where to get your tattoo as some areas of the body hurt more than others. 

What placement hurts the least when getting tattooed? 

Typically the outer upper arm, thigh, forearm, shoulder, calf are fleshier with fewer nerve endings and therefore less painful to get tattooed. Areas such as the foot, neck, inner upper arm, stomach and ribs tend to be the most painful for our clients. We can advise that you opt for shorter sessions on these areas ie: 3 hours maximum as you may really struggle to sit through a full day sitting. 

How can I minimise the pain from getting tattooed? 

At Hammersmith Tattoo London, these are our tips to minimise tattoo pain: 

  • Ask your artist to take breaks when you’re struggling to cope with the pain 

  •  Ensure you eat a good meal before your tattoo and bring a sugary drink with you to stay hydrated and keep your sugar levels up 

  • Get a good nights sleep before getting tattooed 

  • Minimal alcohol consumption at least 24 hours before your tattoo, being tattooed when hungover is no fun at all! Alcohol thins your blood and can also cause excessive bleeding and bruising 

  • Bring some headphones with you to watch a programme or listen to some music to distract you from the pain 

So, if we haven’t scared you away you can book in with one of our experienced artists at the prestigious Hammersmith Tattoo London via our website Tattoo London


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