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Tattoos NOT to get.

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

At Hammersmith Tattoo London, we always emphasise that a tattoo is for life. The artists at our studio collectively have decades of experience.
Tattoos Not to get

Tattoos NOT to get: 

At Hammersmith Tattoo London, we always emphasise that a tattoo is for life and whilst we love some of our customers impulsive choices, we always recommend that you do the research before getting inked. The artists at our studio collectively have decades of experience, so if you are someone who is worried about regretting your tattoo, trust us when we say these are the tattoos NOT to get: 

  1. Tattoos that follow a trend:

      2. Starting with hands, face or neck tattoos:Tattoos on the hands, face and neck are called ‘job stoppers’ within the industry. They carry potentially huge judgement and can even affect your chances of being employed within certain industries. Therefore they’re often the last places to be tattooed on the body. Our artists will very rarely tattoo these areas unless you have shown a commitment to tattoos on your arms/ chest/ legs at the very minimum. We will always recommend alternative parts of the body for your first tattoo. 

     3. Tattoos that go against your artist’s advice:If your tattoo artist is advising against a tattoo, listen up! There is always a good reason why an artist will advise against a particular placement or even design. It’s often nothing to do with their personal preference and more to do with a whole lot of previous experience. A good tattoo artist will be guided by your ideas but you can help them out by going into your appointment with some flexibility on placement/ design - it will make the final product even better! 

    4. Designs that are too small:Whilst minimalist, ‘barely there’ tattoos are the biggest tattoo trend going at the moment, they are not always the best option for a tattoo. Traditional artists will always preach ‘bold will hold’ and whilst more delicate tattoos are popular, there is a huge element of truth in this phrase. Tattoos fade over time – ‘barely there’ tattoos might look great on Instagram when they are fresh but can often fade as the years go by. If lines are too small and close together they can also merge over time. We can recommend following your artist’s advice if they recommend going bigger or with thicker lines, this way you know you will have a great tattoo that will last a lifetime! 

    5. A poor quality or cheap tattoo:At Hammersmith Tattoo London, our artists have years of experience under their belt and offer high quality tattoos with a reasonable but standard London price tag. If a quote is higher than you expected, save up and don’t go somewhere cheaper. Price almost always reflects quality and trust us when we say we have come across our fair share of customers wanting cover ups of poor quality and often cheap tattoos. Do the research, don’t be price-led and go to a reputable studio you can trust! 



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