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Alex - Tattoo Guest Artist

Hammersmith Tattoo London Artist

Alex Roze @alexrozex is a talented Neo Traditional tattoo artist who occasionally works as a guest artist at Hammersmith Tattoo in London. Known for their distinctive style that combines traditional elements with more modern influences, Alex's work is characterised by bold colours, strong lines, and intricate details.

As a guest artist at Hammersmith Tattoo, Alex brings a fresh perspective to the shop, offering clients the opportunity to get a unique and personalised tattoo from a talented and experienced artist. Their portfolio includes a range of Neo Traditional designs, such as animals, flowers, and mythical creatures, as well as more personalised pieces that reflect the individual interests and experiences of their clients.

@alexrozex is a great resource for anyone looking for inspiration or guidance on Neo Traditional tattooing. They regularly share insights into their creative process, along with helpful tips and advice for those looking to get their first tattoo or expand their existing collection.

Overall, @alexrozex is a testament to the creativity and innovation that is possible within the world of tattooing. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of body art that combines traditional and modern elements, Alex's work is definitely worth checking out when they visit Hammersmith Tattoo in London.

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