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Walk in tattoos at Hammersmith Tattoo London.

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Best walk in tattoo studio in Hammersmith and Fulham London
Walk in tattoos at Hammersmith Tattoo London


 walk-in tattoo is when you, quite literally, walk in. You don’t make an appointment — you walk in, pick a tattoo design, and get it done.

A walk-in tattoo is a tattoo that the artist doesn’t have to spend hours designing, drawing and preparing. If you are thinking of a half / full sleeve or a back piece or anything that is bigger than 10cm then you are going to want to book a free consultation with our tattoo artist before booking an appointment.

Please keep in mind that walk-in tattoos are on a first come, first served basis. For example, if you call us and ask if we have space for walk-in and we do - we will answer you with, “Yes, we have a space for walk-in” meaning at that particular point we do, but someone could just walk-in after our phone conversation and take the your spot, but we will do our best to move things around to accommodate your walk-in.

If you decide to walk-in and get the tattoo with a specific tattoo artist after looking through their designs online, we advise you to call the studio in advance to see if they are available on that day and time to do one of their designs. If you want a simple tattoo, then any available artist in the studio will be able to do this for you.


Many people get walk-in tattoos of more custom pieces that are already designed by the tattoo artist — i.e., drawn in advance and added to their “available” book or posted as an available design on their Instagram. These designs are usually more expensive than simple designs because they are bigger and more detailed and might take longer time to tattoo but are usually not as expensive as a custom designs since they are already designed and minor changes to the design can be made on the day to make it more personalised.


Hammersmith Tattoo also offers flash tattoos. These are smaller, simpler designs. Flash tattoos are simple and quick tattoos for you to choose from and minor changes can be made for each design. Flash tattoos are exceptionally popular on holidays like Friday the 13th and Halloween as we offer discounted prices on those days. Flash tattoos do repeat so keep that in mind when choosing one for yourself. Custom tattoos do not repeat as each tattoo is customised to be unique and one-off. 

Walk-ins are a great option if you don’t know what to get as your first tattoo or if you wish to get a tattoo without having your own idea or just looking to get gap-fillers between your existing tattoos to create a half / full sleeve.

We always recommend to book your tattoo appointment no matter how small or big it is to avoid disappointment of not getting your tattoo done then and there as we tend to be busy throughout the week and can’t guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your walk-in tattoo, especially if it’s a group of 2 or more people.


No. If you book then it’s called an “appointment.”

What can happen: you walk in for a walk-in tattoo, see an artist's work, and end up wanting something completely custom from them in their tattoo style. Maybe they have a piece that inspires you, and you want the same piece but with distinct changes, a combination of their work or a whole new original tattoo design done by them specifically for you and no one else. Then you will  talk to the artist and book an appointment for a later date.


The big difference between walk-ins and appointments is how much planning goes into it: walk-ins are quick, simple, easy and straightforward. Appointments are planned with free consultation about the design, size and placement beforehand. After discussing the design, size and placement of your tattoo your tattoo artist will set a certain amount of time just for you on the available date. When both you and your tattoo artist agree on all the details you will leave a deposit for your tattoo that will be taken off your final price at the completion of your tattoo.

To book your appointment or to make sure if we have a space for walk-ins please contact us:

020 7602 1086



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